Hi, I’m Mike the Water Jedi…

Here at Ph2oWaterForLife.com we are committed to providing the tools to make the healthiest water on earth, at your home or office right out of your tap! Clean healthy water for you, your family and those closest to you means more energy, improved health and relief from chronic ailments.

1st is to Purify the water by filtering it through one of the most effective filters ever created removing up to 170 different water born chemical contaminants, poisons, toxins and pathogens. Even nearly impossible chemicals such as Fluoride.

2nd is to Alkalinize and Ionize the water, through electrolysis we are able to create a High PH water (our bodies should maintain a PH of 7.4 to remain healthy) and negative ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) which basically turns the water into a scavenger for free radicals in your body. Also we are able to reduce the water cluster size (an average water cluster size 16-22 water molecules per cluster) to 3-7 water molecules per water cluster for deeper cellular hydration.

3rd is to Restructure the water. By sending water through colliding vortexes we are able to erase its memory of lead pipes, pharmaceuticals, toxins and chemicals, creating a water that increases hydration, lowers water tension, improves crop growth and improves illness immunity.

In conclusion, our bodies are made of 80% water and it is estimated that the average human is dehydrated even if they drink eight 16 oz. glasses of water a day (large water cluster with negative memory and toxic chemicals prevent hydration) or half there body weight in ounces per day. Knowing that creating Purified, Restructured High pH water is the most important element to a human body’s health and well being, you can feel relieved you have found your solution here.

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